We offer highly reliable and customized solutions enabling you to track your assets anywhere, anytime.

iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security was established with the aim of offering the ultimate peace of mind. Every day our customers keep an eye on their prized possessions, are fully aware of the whereabouts of their loved ones, and feel in control with regards to their assets whether moving or static.

How are we different?

Best Tracking Services

We offer real-time tracking with unmatched expertise and surveillance facilities by continuously bringing innovation and latest trends for our customer’s convenience.

Integrated Platform

We aim to be the revolutionary game-changer through the integration of the data of our web portal in our iTeck app so you can keep track from anywhere, anytime.


We consider innovation a critical factor as we implement new processes, ideas, services, or solutions with the goal of boosting the bottom line.

Scalable Solutions

We provide solutions to monitor your single vehicle to thousands of vehicles in your fleet with real-time alerts and notifications, keeping you at peace.

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