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We offer highly reliable and customized solutions enabling you to track your assets anywhere, anytime.

iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security was established with the aim of offering the ultimate peace of mind. Every day our customers keep an eye on their prized possessions, are fully aware of the whereabouts of their loved ones, and feel in control with regards to their assets whether moving or static.

How are we different?

Best Tracking Services

We offer real-time tracking with unmatched expertise and surveillance facilities by continuously bringing innovation and latest trends for our customer’s convenience.

Integrated Platform

We aim to be the revolutionary game-changer through the integration of the data of our web portal in our iTeck app so you can keep track from anywhere, anytime.


We consider innovation a critical factor as we implement new processes, ideas, services, or solutions with the goal of boosting the bottom line.

Scalable Solutions

We provide solutions to monitor your single vehicle to thousands of vehicles in your fleet with real-time alerts and notifications, keeping you at peace.


  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Financial
  • FMCG

Oil and Gas Industry

Following the enormous benefits, many business sectors are keen to embrace and develop the use of GPS-based real-time tracking solutions including the oil and gas industry. Particularly because supply-chain is considered to be one of the most important operations in this industry, which requires management of huge fleets and transportation of raw materials as well as finished oil and petroleum products.

A core mission of iTecknologi Asset Tracking & security is to improve competence of supply chain operations by creating efficiency-based solutions. We build and utilize the most advanced technology that helps our clients in cost reduction and performance efficiency.

Construction and Heavy Equipment

Construction is the second-largest sector contributing to the GDP of Pakistan and providing approximately 35 percent of employment across the country. The industry faces delays in project completion either due to transportation gaps or safety risks.

Our technologically advance fleet management and asset tracking solutions help keep your construction fleet and heavy equipment running as efficiently as possible. The telematics will help the stakeholders analyze the capacity, efficiency, and areas of opportunity regarding how to improve the overall management of your assets.

Logistics and Transportation Industry

The logistics and transportation industry of Pakistan contributes around 10% to our GDP and plays a crucial role in economic growth. The industry is currently under challenges due to transportation gaps and poor performance. The challenges are resulting in high operational costs, high freight, longer delivery times, poor service standards, and trade hindrance.

For sustainable development of this companies operating in thus industry, a robust, cost-effective, and technologically advanced system is developed via iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security as a mean to excel in this industry. In turn, your logistics operation will be working more effectively and efficiently with your eye on every important aspect of your fleet as well as the precious cargo being transported from source to destination.

Financial Institutions

The financial sector plays an indispensable role in the overall development of a country. For Banks and Insurance Companies, iTecknologi Asset Tracking and Security provides a special low-cost solution for keeping track of your vehicles leased to individual and corporate clients. The team has diverse experience of serving leasing/ijarah customers nationwide and have proved to be most efficient & services-oriented unit in past 10 years.

The unique requirements in Leasing/ijarah such as repossession, 24/7 call center access, nationwide recovery services, installation of tracker coverage throughout Pakistan, key account manager’s appointment for sizable portfolios are all fully addressed under iTecknologi banner.


Consumers may be besieged by a flailing economy, rising inflation, and security issues, but their appetite for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products is unabated. A very important factor in the success of this industry is the timely and safe transportation of goods to different distributors spread across various locations.

All this has been made possible with the help of our efficient and advanced tracking solutions for all of that is moving on the road, be it light or heavy transport vehicles, motorcycles or any mode being used to make FMCG products available to customers at stores, malls and marts or at their residence. The transportation is made efficient, convenient and cost-effective, keeping a track of the entire value chain from moving asset to the point of delivery. Furthermore, we understand that our clients need to be well informed about the people involved with the supply chain as well and our solutions enable them to be well aware about their performance, whereabouts and tasks.

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