Key Product Features

  • Location On Call
  • Location On SMS
  • Battery Tampering Alerts
  • Battery Tampering Automated Call
  • Remote Immobilization/ Activation
  • Geo Fence Monitoring – No Go Areas
  • Nationwide Monitoring 24/7
  • Nationwide Recovery for Snatch/ Theft Cases
  • 24/7 Call Centre Access
  • City Exit Automated Call
  • City Exit SMS Alert
  • Famous Landmark SMS
  • Late Night Ignition ON Alerts
  • Parking Watchdog
  • Daily & Weekly Report Via Email
  • WhatsApp Tracking
  • Web Track (only for Fleets)
  • Android / IOS Mobile Application
  • Route History Replay
  • Route Deviation Alerts
  • Vehicle Movement History
  • Route Navigation
  • Harsh Braking Reports
  • Over Speeding Notification
  • Excess Idling Report
  • Fuel Consumption Report via Email & Mobile Application

Value Added Services*

  • Ignition On/Off Alerts
  • Speed Violation Alerts
  • Customized Geo Fencing
  • Over Speeding SMS

*All the Value-Added Services will be available on demand and will be charged separately

Book Now

Rs. 30,000/-

    Itecknologi systems will locate your assets on a preprogrammed schedule and keep the information accessible on-line 24/7, resulting in better protection from theft and enabling speedy recovery.

    • The device will be provided with full ownership of the customer.
    • Price includes first-year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC), inclusive of all tax.
    • Second-year Annual Monitoring charges Rs 11,000/- inclusive of tax.


    • Tracker Device removal and transfer charges are Rs. 3000/- (on demand)
    • Value Added Features are not included in this package
    • Can be purchased directly or through our dealership network all over Pakistan