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Construction is the second-largest sector contributing to the GDP of Pakistan and providing approximately 35 percent of employment across the country. The industry faces delays in project completion either due to transportation gaps or safety risks.

Our technologically advance fleet management and asset tracking solutions help keep your construction fleet and heavy equipment running as efficiently as possible. The telematics will help the stakeholders analyze the capacity, efficiency, and areas of opportunity regarding how to improve the overall management of your assets.

Challenges faced by Construction and heavy equipment industry

  • Safety and Health Regulation Compliance
  • Fleet Mismanagement
  • Under-Utilized Equipment
  • Risk of Theft
  • Cost and Time Pressure
  • Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Cycles and Schedules
  • Fuel and Energy Theft

With iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security

Save Time, Save Money, Improve Safety and Duty of Care

iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security provides real-time information enabling you to keep in control of your assets and make informed decisions.

Utilizing iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security’s solution tailor made for construction industry, you can have transformational effects on your business.

  • Increase workforce utilization & boost productivity.
  • Minimize costs & improve equipment and vehicle efficiency
  • Improve driver and equipment handler safety
  • Stay compliant
  • Build a complete surveillance network where nothing goes without notice
  • Build customer satisfaction & service excellence

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