The financial sector plays an indispensable role in the overall development of a country. For Banks and Insurance Companies, iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security provides a special low-cost solution for keeping track of your vehicles leased to individual and corporate clients.

The team has diverse experience of serving leasing/ijarah customers nationwide and have proved to be most efficient & services-oriented unit in past 10 years.

The unique requirements in Leasing/ijarah such as repossession, 24/7 call center access, nationwide recovery services, installation of tracker coverage throughout Pakistan, key account manager’s appointment for sizable portfolios are all fully addressed under iTecknologi banner.

Challenges faced by Financial Institutions:

  • Risk of Theft or Damage
  • Claims and Possession
  • Real-Time Track
  • Geo-Fence
  • Security and Safety Compliance

With iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security

In today’s business world, organizations are working hard to improve processes, cut costs and develop competitive advantages. iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security provides real-time information enabling you to keep in control of your assets and make informed decisions.

Utilizing iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security’s solutions designed particularly for Financial Institution, you can have transformational effects on your business.

  • Increase workforce utilization & boost productivity.
  • Minimize fuel costs & improve fleet efficiency.
  • Improve driver safety & stay compliant.
  • Real-time tracking and supervision.
  • Monitor via Mobile app and web.
  • Safely immobilize vehicles.
  • Reduce financial risk.
  • Build customer satisfaction & service excellence.

We are eager to know about your requirements and help you grow strongly