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The logistics and transportation industry of Pakistan contributes around 10% to our GDP and plays a crucial role in economic growth. The industry is currently under challenges due to transportation gaps and poor performance. The challenges are resulting in high operational costs, high freight, longer delivery times, poor service standards, and trade hindrance.

For sustainable development of this companies operating in thus industry, a robust, cost-effective, and technologically advanced system is developed via iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security as a mean to excel in this industry. In turn, your logistics operation will be working more effectively and efficiently with your eye on every important aspect of your fleet as well as the precious cargo being transported from source to destination.

Challenges faced by the logistics and transportation industry:

  • Cargo Theft
  • Deflation of ETA and TAT
  • Vehicle Fuel Pilferage
  • Harsh Driving Habits
  • Route Deviations
  • Excess Idling
  • Temperature Checks for Sensitive Cargo

With iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security

Save Time, Save Money, Improve Safety and Duty of Care

In today’s economic climate, businesses are working hard to improve processes and cut costs. iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security provides real-time information enabling you to keep in control of your assets and make informed decisions.

Utilizing iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security’s fleet management telematics solutions, specifically developed for your logistics and transportation company, you can have transformational effects on your business.

  • Increase workforce utilization & boost productivity.
  • Minimize fuel costs & improve fleet efficiency
  • Improve driver safety & stay compliant
  • Build customer satisfaction & service excellence
  • Real time tracking of their assets as well as cargo

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