Following the enormous benefits, many business sectors are keen to embrace and develop the use of GPS-based real-time tracking solutions including the oil and gas industry. Particularly because supply-chain is considered to be one of the most important operations in this industry, which requires management of huge fleets and transportation of raw materials as well as finished oil and petroleum products.

A core mission of iTecknologi Asset Tracking & security is to improve competence of supply chain operations by creating efficiency-based solutions. We build and utilize the most advanced technology that helps our clients in cost reduction resulting in enormous savings through optimum usage of their fleets, monitoring their drivers and keeping a check on unusual movements and idle times. Furthermore, due to our services many thefts have been foiled, criminal employees apprehended and the loss due to pilferage of fuel being used by fleets as well as being transported helped our clients post better business results.  

Challenges faced by the Oil and gas industry:

  • Route and Schedule Adherence
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Fuel Pilferage
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Driving Habits
  • Cost and Time Pressures

With iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security

Save Time, Save Money, Improve Safety and Duty of Care

In today’s economic climate, businesses are working hard to improve processes and cut costs. iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security provides real-time information enabling you to keep in control of your assets and make informed decisions.

Utilizing iTecknologi Asset Tracking & Security’s fleet/asset telematics solutions, you can have transformational effects on your business.

  • Increase workforce utilization & boost productivity.
  • Minimize fuel costs & improve fleet efficiency
  • Improve driver safety & stay compliant
  • Build customer satisfaction & service excellence

We are eager to know about your requirements and help you grow strongly