Body Worn Camera

Digitization has taken the world by storm. It is indeed the new industrial revolution whereby big data accumulation, automation to reduce discrepancies and building further efficiencies has become the mantra of every industry, every business segment.

We, at iTecknologi Group of Companies thrives on introducing the most innovative tech to Pakistani market. Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) are small, visible devices worn attached to the officers’ or officials’ uniform (usually on the chest). Typically, they comprise a camera, microphone and rechargeable battery with data storage that is either integrated or is a separate unit connected to the camera unit. They’re used to capture both video and audio evidence when the officials who come into contact with the public.

This is one of the offerings that we believe should be a compulsory addition to the uniform of LEA personnel on the field, or any frontline official dealing with clients for unprecedented customer delight. This will also provide for a huge data-mine which will uncover uncountable insights into customer interactions.


Data accumulation

Real-time streaming for accurate and reliable evidence

Analysis of behavioral patterns

KPIs and performance evaluation

Increased productivity

Better customer facilitation and satisfaction

Transparency and accountability

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