Driver Fatigue Monitoring

A revolutionary solution for big fleet operators with vehicles that clock in more time on the road. Research-based information suggests that accidents happen because of distracted drivers. Our Driver Fatigue Monitoring Solution provides our customers with the right automation to overcome all challenges pertaining to the monitoring of their drivers.

This high-end solution includes a camera with an AI-based platform will alert the fleet manager if any of the drivers:


Closes His Eyes

Lowers His Head

Seems Distracted While Driving

Another camera is installed on the front of the vehicle which enables the AI platform to keep a check on the drive. Sudden maneuvers, rash driving, fast turnings or unusual driving pattern is identified and notified as well. Coupled with our fleet management solution, this provides our customers with top-notch tech for their fleet management which results in the ultimate safety, security, and performance of their fleet.

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