Electronic Ankle Bracelet

As technology advances, new tech emerges to improve different aspects of life. One of which is the electronic ankle bracelet, which can be used for monitoring people’s in-house arrests. For cases where offenders are safe to monitor outside of prison, electronic ankle bracelets serve as a reliable alternative to imprisonment. Typically, wearers are those that qualify for house arrest because they commit a lower non-violent offense, to help rehabilitate and rebuild their lives. Electronic ankle bracelet also helps with prison overpopulation while keeping an eye on the location 24/7.


Lightweight 180g / 6.35oz

Locked / Unlocked Easy and fast

Satellite Location GPS

Tampering detection

Ultrasonic Alarm

Fiber Optic to Detect any Attempt of Abuse or Rupture of Equipment

Way Points with Date & Time

Waterproof with Perfect Insulation

Internal Movement/Accelerometer

SOS Button for Emergency Help

Geo-Fence Management

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