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Fleet Management System

Businesses aim for enhanced security, efficiencies, increased productivity, better customer services, cost-saving, and convenience in management. At iTecknologi Asset Tracking and Security, our fleet management solutions help businesses harness the power of the latest satellite-based technologies and methodologies and achieve their business goals.

We provide our customers with customized solutions that provide them with tailor-made dashboards and reports as per their requirements. With our solutions, the business owners and fleet managers achieve:

Improved fleet performance, through

Live Online Tracking of Vehicles

Monitoring of Drive Time and Off Time

Better Maintenance Schedule

Pertinent Trip Reports

Driver Performance Reports

Keep a Check on Excess Idling

Alerts For Over Speeding

Alerts For Route Deviation

Monitor Unusual Stoppage


Door Opening Alerts

Ignition On and Off Alerts

Cargo / Fuel Pilferage Alerts

Bowser/Container Tilt Alert

Collision Alerts

Vehicle’s Fuel Security Through Dipstick Sensors


Checks on Fuel Consumption

Checks For Vehicle Maintenance

Reports to Track Efficiencies

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