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Mobile Data Video Recording system (MDVR) is an advance vehicle monitoring & surveillance solution which utilizes telematics and integrated video technology for effective fleet management. MDVRs (Mobile Digital Video Recorders) are onboard camera systems that offer the companies real-time surveillance of their vehicles and drivers.

Fraud accidents, false claims, cargo thefts and various pilferages are the common problems faced by fleet managers. MDVR provides clear video evidence if any accidents occur, thus improve the insurance claim process and quicker claim resolutions. Fleet managers can access real-time safety data and ensure the safety of the vehicles at all times.

MDVR also helps in making sure that road safety and rules are being followed well. Using real-time video footage fleet managers can enhance driver coaching and improve safer driving practices. With greater transparency and accountability, better driving can help to reduce the risk of vehicle damage, loss and claims.

MDVR coupled with fleet management technology has a variety of benefits and it can help a company in enhancing its overall fleet management.


The following are the salient features of iTecknologi Asset Tracking and Security products designed for our customers:

Improve driving behavior with better insights

Provide alerts to prevent accidents

Keep your vehicles on the right routes

Fight fraudulent claims

Avoid fuel theft and optimize its consumption

Diagnose vehicle health

Improve safety of entire fleet

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