Vessel Monitoring System

Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing is a global threat that robs legitimate fishers and governments of revenue, undermines scientific assessments of fisheries, and threatens the stability of coastal communities.

Our Vessel monitoring system (VMS) is a satellite surveillance system for monitoring & control fishing vessels in territorial waters or a subdivision of a country and beyond Exclusive Economic Zones. It offers cost-effective and efficient support to control authorities allowing the rapid identification of potential infringements that can be targeted for further investigation. With the implementation of VMS, we Ensure the safety of lives at sea & sustainable use of the offshore fisheries resources.

Our VMS consists of State-of-the-art map application, supporting navigational maps on most standard formats. The system comes with an easy-to-use vessel filtering, creation and handling of user defined maps, geo fence editor, history trails and replay features for detailed analysis of vessel behavior. The data is collected by fishing authorities who ensure vessels are following all international fishing regulations and are within fishing limits. We can provide data about the arrival & departure timings of ships such as cargo vessels and commercial fishing vessels to the port authorities. Our robust system enables the authorities to take the necessary actions in case of any violation of code by any of the vessels.


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